Unions are Winning!

Forget what you may have heard about organizing… unions are winning more than half of the elections that were filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in 2014. Companies that want to keep unions out want workers to believe that unions are going out of business. The truth is-- unions are winning elections. Click here to get the facts.


At Local 705, organizing is about fighting for the future. It's about getting hard-working men and women the pay, retirement benefits, respect, dignity, fair working conditions, healthcare, and place at the bargaining table they deserve.

First Time Contracts Ratified 

  • American Compressed Gas (2/28)

  • CSI/UPS Clerical First Contract- Nov 2018 

  • Air Gas - Brookfield 

  • Air Gas Fillers & Loaders- Lagrange

  • UPS Customer Care- Addison

Negotiating First Time Contracts

  • Defense Logistics

  • NUCO 2

To Learn More

For more information, contact Teamsters Local 705 Organizing Dept.

Al Wimunc

(312) 738- 5260


Teamsters Local 705 Welcomes American Compressed Gas

Februrary 28, 2019

Our members at American Compressed Gas just ratified their 1st TEAMSTERS UNION CONTRACT! Teamsters Local 705 welcomes these strong-willed members who stuck together in their righteous fight for fairness and decency. With the strength of the Union these four members can enjoy FREE HEALTH CARE for the next 5 years. The courage and tenacity to stay united, stand up, and fight,  is what led them to victory.