April 10, 2019

Leaders of all Teamster locals that represent workers at YRC Freight, Holland and New Penn met today, voting to endorse the tentative National Master Freight Agreement, paving the way for a vote by the membership. 

Ballot packages will be mailed to all members on or about April 19. Voting will be done online or by phone, and will close at noon (Eastern Time) on Friday, May 3.


Inside workers at Meyer Steel Drum recognized the benefits of being a Teamster and voted unanimously to join Teamsters Local 705. 

The 93-0 vote was not only unprecedented, but also showed the employees' confidence in Local 705. Over the last few months, the members of Local 705 met with the Meyer employees answering questions and explaining the benefits that Local 705 offers members. 

The group of 113 joined together to ensure that they have a voice in the workplace over issues like wages, benefits, retirement and working conditions. Teamsters 705 is excited to become the exclusive representative of the hard-working employees of Meyer Steel. Once the process is certified, contract negotiations will begin. 

Representing more than 16,000 Chicagoland workers, Teamsters Local 705 is one of the largest and most active Teamster Locals in North America, bringing strong representation to men and women. 

The staff and members of Local 705 are excited to welcome Meyer Steel Drum employees to the Teamsters. 


The management at The Central States Funds want to impose unnecessary and unrealistic work production standards - putting quantity over quality in serving the Teamster membership in these Funds. They also want to rollback benefits that were negotiated under previous contracts. 

After a year of negotiating, the union has voted down management proposals five different times. Local 743 is hopeful that the strike action will bring management back to the table with a realistic proposal that will help the hardworking employees who help our Teamster membership each and every day.

American Compressed Gas Ratifies First Contract


February 28, 2019

CONGRATULATIONS! Our members at American Compressed Gas just ratified their 1st UNION CONTRACT! 

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New Local 705 Fund Office Website


Teamsters Local 705 Funds recently launched a new secured user-friendly website.  Health Fund participants can check benefit statements and Pension Fund participants can utilize the new Retirement Calculator.


Executive Board

 Juan Campos    

Secretary Treasurer, Executive Board

Kenneth J. Emanuelson    

President, Executive Board

Gregory R. Foster    Vice-President, Executive Board

Joseph M. Bakes    Recording Secretary, Executive Board

Santos M. Marinez    Trustee, Executive Board

Kimberly Obney    Trustee, Executive Board

Scott W. Rein    Trustee, Executive Board

Elected Business Agents

Carol Martin- Elected Business Agent

Richard Rohe- Elected Business Agent

Eddie Vallejo- Elected Business Agent

Michael Jordan- Elected Business Agent

The Depaul University Labor Education Center and Teamsters Local 705 demonstrate the importance of educating our future about todays Unions. Teaching today's students in labor history, collective bargaining, and how to organize labor is critical to achieving economic justice and preparing our future for the workforce.