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    Secretary-Treasurer Juan Campos is proud to welcome you to Teamsters Local 705's website. Local 705 represents 15,000 Teamster Members in and around Chicago, Illinois.
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The Union Difference

The Union Difference - Need Better Benefits? Join a Union

Union members typically earn more than nonunion workers doing the same job. And now the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has released a new report showing that unionized workers also have much better benefits than nonunion workers.

An earlier BLS report on wages showed that union members average $4.95 an hour more than nonunion workers doing the same work, a difference of nearly $10,000 a year.

The unionized workers' benefit advantage is also substantial. For instance: 93 percent have access to health insurance, whereas the percentage of nonunion workers with access is almost 25 percent lower. The report also shows that the unionized workers have lower co-pays for doctor visits, prescription drugs, and other health care costs they share with employers.

The other health care advantages are many. For instance, unionized workers on average pay 11 percent of their premiums for individual coverage and 18 percent of their premiums for family coverage. The percentage nonunion workers have to pay for individual coverage is almost double the percentage union workers pay for coverage, and triple the percentage unionists who pay to cover their families.

What's more, unionized workers are much more likely to have retirement benefits, employer-paid sick leave and paid personal leave, as Michael Kuchta, treasurer of the AFL-CIO's International Labor Communications Association, notes in his report of the BLS findings.

Dick Meister, truthout|Op-Ed