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    Secretary-Treasurer Juan Campos is proud to welcome you to Teamsters Local 705's website. Local 705 represents 15,000 Teamster Members in and around Chicago, Illinois.
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CR England Update

In the summer of 2012, CR England truck drivers contacted Local 705 to gain protections, dignity, respect, and fairness at work by organizing a union.  Some of the problems they cited were their high health insurance premiums and supervisors' favoritism that left many drivers with precious little to show for 12 or 14 hour shifts.  Since drivers are paid by mileage, not by hours, those ordered to wait long stretches at pick-up locations often ended up with low paychecks.

Local 705 filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board ("NLRB") in January 2013 to hold an election among the CR England employees.  The election took place on February 19, 2013, and Local 705 won the election among the 70-driver shop by an approximately 2 to 1 margin.  

Despite this big election win, CR England filed objections with the NLRB to try to get the election results overturned.  The NLRB rejected these objections and certified Local 705 as the CR England drivers' union in July 2013.  

CR England then refused to recognize the unit, however, saying that a federal appeals court finding against President Obama’s recess appointments to the NLRB rendered the election results and certification invalid.  During this time, the unit was unable to begin bargaining with their supervisors over the issues that led the drivers to vote for a union.  

Local 705 did not give up, however, and filed numerous unfair labor practice charges against CR England with the NLRB Region 13 office in Chicago.  NLRB Region 13 found merit to many of these charges and prepared to join Local 705 in prosecuting CR England at a public trial.  

Before heading to trial, however, Local 705 and NLRB Region 13 came to a groundbreaking settlement agreement with CR England.  As part of the settlement agreement, CR England agreed to recognize Local 705 as the drivers’ union and to bargain in good faith with Local 705 for a first contract.  This ended nearly 1.5 years of litigation, and avoided what would have likely been many more years of litigation, which could have possibly gone to the Supreme Court.  

Now, we are in the process of negotiating a first contract alongside the CR England drivers.