• Teamsters Local 705

    Teamsters Local 705

    Secretary-Treasurer Juan Campos is proud to welcome you to Teamsters Local 705's website. Local 705 represents 15,000 Teamster Members in and around Chicago, Illinois.
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Upcoming Events

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Ground Breaking Ceremony on New 705 Building

Ground Breaking ceremony took place on March 26, 2017 for the new 3 story 705 structure before the General Membership Meeting.  

The new 3 story building will house the new 705 offices as well as other tenants.  The building is expected to be paid off in 5 to 6 years and is projected to produce millions of dollars of revenue for the Local in the years to come. 




Meet Our Leadership

Meet our leadership team COLORED2

705 Represented at Irish Parade

Members Meetings

  • 705 Membership Meetings +

    Local 705's Membership Meetings are held the Every 3rd Sunday of the Month except July, August, September.
  • 705 Stewards Meetings +

    Local 705's Stewards Meetings are Held the 3rd Wednesday of every month, except in June, July and August
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