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    Secretary-Treasurer Juan Campos is proud to welcome you to Teamsters Local 705's website. Local 705 represents 15,000 Teamster Members in and around Chicago, Illinois.
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Rauner's Greed for Right-to-Work-for-Less

Illinois Union Buster FINAL

Government doesn't work like big business. The middle class and working families can just fend for themselves! How's that working for you? Regretfully, the Republicans wouldn't support a tax on multi-millionaires in this state. That was a referendum on the last ballot. Over 60% of voters supported this proposed tax. That would help this state grow! But, we sit here another month without a state budget agreement! We will not support Rauner when he insists on blocking beneficial policies that would help working people support their families. I hope he's a one-term Governor!



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Members Meetings

  • 705 Membership Meetings +

    Local 705's Membership Meetings are held the Every 3rd Sunday of the Month except July, August, September.
  • 705 Stewards Meetings +

    Local 705's Stewards Meetings are Held the 3rd Wednesday of every month, except in June, July and August
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